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Graphic Design | Illustration | Concept Art | Comics | Game Art


Note: this page and the CV  are not accessible through the main site due to privacy reasons. To visit again, use the URL slug /cdportfolio

Games (Roles include: cover design, game art, game design, animation, narrative writing)

Matcha & Bubble

Billy's Notebook

The Archetype Syndicate

Sleep Paralysis Gremlins

Character Illustration/Concepts/Portraits

Graphic Design (Illustrated Design, Logo Design, Flyer Design, Social Media, Merch Design, etc.) The various pages of this self-designed site also serve as graphic design examples! Feel free to look around.

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 21.18.30.png

Character Design Sheets, Commissions, etc.

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 22.15.18.png

Background/Landscape Concepts (including game assets).

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 22.18.51.png

Comics and Manga Examples

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 21.19.50.png

Cartoon/Stylized Art, Simple Animations, Sprites