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Art, Narrative, Sound (3-day Jam)

Art, Narrative (2-day Jam)







Matcha & Bubble

A charming 2D platformer made for a 3-day game jam (meaning the game and all its assets were made within this time limit).

"Journey through a charming Tea Shop filled with personified drinks. The Caffeinated Crew (Cold Brew & Mocha), on a mission to purge all non-caffeinated drinks, takes Lemonade hostage. Save Lemonade with Matcha Latte and Bubble Tea before it's too late!"

I created all the art/assets, wrote the narrative, and created the soundtrack in the 3-day period.

Billy's Notebook

A 2D platformer made for a 2-day game jam (meaning the game and all its assets were made within this time limit).

The player journey through a notebook of various doodles and unfolding lore. A highly stylized game with quirky dialogue which starts off wholesome before taking a sinister turn. 

"A colorful 2D platformer featuring Sir Hugh, the greatest imaginary artist and Billy, the child."

I created a large chunk of art/assets and wrote the narrative in the 2-day period.


"An Ordinary Comic Book"

A short, humorous, self-aware 11-page comic exploring the tropes and processes of comic making. Printed, trimmed, and bound by hand.

What does it mean to tell a story? To create drama and visual impact? What does it mean to distribute a story and convey meaning? The comic is almost a cheeky little guide to the medium, showing how different tropes can be implemented when working with the stylistic elements of comics. What makes something dramatic? What does the reader expect and want from a comic? I wanted to make the viewer feel like the frustrated artist, trying to make their art enthralling and story dramatic within the specific confines of the medium and genre.

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Workshop- Constructing Stylized Characters

A few snippets from my recurring beginner-friendly character design workshop- Constructing Stylized Characters- which I've done for different conventions and clubs. I talk about shape language, faces and anatomy, principles of character design, and go over detailed breakdowns of different elements of creating stylized characters.