See pricing and other important information


If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me through email at with the subject line "Commission Interest from [your name]".

I will get back to you on my availability ASAP, and a time estimate on the speed of delivery based on the type of commission. If my commissions are full, I will place you on my waitlist and let you know when I will be able to start on your commission. 

In your email, please mention whether or not you use the platform Upwork as a client, in which case I will direct you to my Upwork profile.


Head, Bust, Half Body

Full Body, Dynamic Scene (with less figure detail)



- With gradient or solid background



Head, Bust, Half Body


Full Body, Dynamic Scene (with less figure detail)


- With gradient or solid background

Untitled_Artwork 102.jpg

Solid Color  Gradient Render

Head, Bust, Half Body (2)


Full Body, Dynamic Scene (with less figure detail)


- 2 pieces for the price of one- Includes a 2nd tonal/color variation for FREE! (1st Option Only)

- With gradient or solid background

Untitled_Artwork 103.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 104.jpg

Shaded Render/ Illustration

Head, Bust, Half Body


Full Body, Dynamic Scene (with less figure detail)


With simple background or manga/ comic panel styling

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg

Fully Painted Render/ Illustration

Pricing varies depending on composition and complexity


Feel free to scroll through my gallery and let me know your preferred painting style!

Contact me with details for exact pricing.


Environment Art/ Backgrounds



Basic Colors Painted Render


Concept Art Style Render


Fully Painted Render/ Illustration

Starts at $100, contact for details


Important Pricing & Payment Info

Pricing may increase for special requests or extra complexity.

Contact me if you wish to add a 2nd character to your piece- price may be negotiable depending on your request (aka. cheaper than doubling the single character price)

I accept payment via PayPal. For sketch and lineart commissions, I only accept full payment upfront. For rendered commissions, you may choose between paying full upfront, OR paying half upfront and paying the rest after I send you the initial sketch for approval. I will not proceed to start the final render before payment is received.


First time commissions get 10% off! If you refer a friend, you will get 10% off your next one as well^^


I (the artist) reserve the right to use your commissioned piece to promote myself on my platforms. 

You may not use your commissioned piece for commercial purposes, unless you discuss and clear it with me beforehand.

You may NOT claim the commissioned piece as your own and must give credit when possible. 

By Commissioning Me,
You Acknowledge That...

I will draw things such as...

- Fanart of your favorite fictional character from a video game, anime, TV show, etc.

- Stylized or semi-realistic version of you, your friends or family (wanna become an anime protagonist? You can!)

- Your original character

- Cover art for your book, webcomic, graphic novel, etc , of any genre!

- The fantastical setting of your epic novel

- mature content (i.e. R-rated, body horror, gore, etc)

And much more!

I will NEVER, EVER draw... 

- anything relating to bestiality, incest, or pedophilia

- anything hateful/bigoted

I reserve the right to refuse ANY commission for ANY reason.


Email me ( or DM me on discord (BlueCravat#2752) to get started!